Meet Rachel; Infinity’s Newest Staff Member



Rachel Schultz is the Event Operations Coordinator for Infinity Management Group. She currently studies at Eastern Michigan University majoring in Communications and minoring in Marketing.  She is expected to graduate December of 2014.

Rachel’s interest in event planning began in high school when she was a part of an extra-circular activity called Link Crew. She worked as the commissioner for this organization. Link Crew was a group of juniors and seniors that welcomed the incoming freshmen. Her duties included organizing the mentor teams, create and lead activities, and participating in staff meetings presenting Link Crew’s progress.

Besides working in retail the past couple years she volunteered for many programs. One of the programs she volunteered for was the Pinckney Coalition. She worked with the community in diminishing drug use in teens as the Volunteer Meeting Planner and Event Promoter. She helped with advertising and promoting the company’s message to bring in members for future events. Another program she volunteered for was the Livingston County Coalition where she took on the role of Volunteer Event Coordinator. She helped plan Howell’s, Run Against Drugs. She brought in volunteers and organized their duties for the day.

Recently Rachel finished her internship with “You’re The Bride”, a company that focuses on wedding planning. She worked on blog posts, giving advice to future brides,she learned new problem solving skills, how to communicate effectively, maintaining organization and keeping stress levels down on the day of the wedding.

Rachel wanted to learn more about event planning so she applied to work with the American Concrete Institute. She took on the position of Administrative Assistant for the Event Services department. She worked on various projects and helped many planners as they taught her the ins and outs of event planning.

Now, she is looking forward to the future working with Infinity Management Group and continuing to learn!

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